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First introduced in 2008, Double Trouble quickly became one of the Teen Masters' most popular events. The format is fun, the pace is fast, and this year we’re putting it on steroids. Welcome to Double Trouble XL!

Double Trouble Qualifying
  • Any two Teen Masters bowlers may form a team.
  • Participants sign up for Double Trouble as individuals.
  • Entry fee per person: $20 online 2 weeks in advance, $22 online 1-13 days in advance, $25 onsite.

    Everyone who signs up for Double Trouble will bowl! Bring a partner or find one during the practice session. Should there be an odd number of entries, the lone bowler will be 'partnered' with the average scores of the highest and lowest bowlers on that squad.

  • The entry fee includes 30 minutes of practice prior to the first Double Trouble session on the same pattern that will be used for Singles qualifying.
  • Bowler A rolls game 1 while Bowler B rolls game 2 (at the same time).
  • Bowlers A & B roll game 3 Baker style (one bowls all even frames, the other all odd frames).
  • Two Double Trouble sessions will be held.
  • Bowlers may re-enter at a given location with the same or different partner. Re-entries will pay $10 per person in cash.
  • Three game total determines standings.
  • Once a bowler has qualified for Double Trouble XL, they may not qualify again with a different partner.
  • The top Double Trouble team will automatically qualify for the Teen Masters Championships if they also enter Sunday's singles qualifying.
$5,000 Double Trouble XL
  • South Point Bowling Plaza - Las Vegas
  • Saturday, June 30, 6 pm
  • Entry Fee: $25 per team member
  • 1st Place: $2,000 in college scholarships ($1,000 for each team member).
  • Each team member will roll 2 games (2 + 2 = 4 games).
  • Teams then roll six Baker games (each member bowls all even frames for 3 games and all odd frames for 3 games).
  • Ten-game totals will determine final standings.
  • Female/Mixed Team Bonus: The highest finishing team comprised of two girls or one girl/one boy will be awarded a $500 scholarship bonus.