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It's a JUNGLE out there! Lanes swamped with Shark, Cheetah, Bear, Scorpion, Wolf, Viper and other rapidly mutating oil patterns challenge and confuse even the most experienced competitors. The survivors are those with the strongest fundamentals.

Because the Teen Masters environment uses neutral balls and low-volume oil patterns, it forces bowlers to master their fundamentals. Does it work? Since it's launch in 2013, bowlers with Teen Masters experience have earned scholarships at Junior Gold at a rate 250% higher than all other bowlers! Each of the past three years (2015, 2016, and 2017), bowlers with Teen Masters experience have won 50% of the Junior Gold titles! Detailed data is available at the following link:

Teen Masters Experience @ Junior Gold

The Teen Masters Experience is specifically designed to strengthen your fundamentals and will improve your:
  • Accuracy
  • Spare Shooting
  • Patience
  • Consistency
  • Self-Reliance
The Teen Masters Experience utilizes three tools:
  • Neutral Bowling Balls
  • Low-Volume Oil Patterns
  • Skill Drills from the Kegel Training Center
Bowling Balls
The Teen Masters Experience features neutral bowling balls, meaning the cores create little flare and the coverstocks do not absorb oil. As a result, participants must learn how to manipulate their release to achieve desired ball motion. Though participants in the Teen Masters Championships are limited to PBA Skill balls, several other balls are suitable for use in the Teen Masters Experience and qualifying tournaments.


Any polyester ball with a differential of .020 or less and any urethane ball with a differential of .010 or less are suitable for the Teen Masters Experience. Balance holes, if used, are limited to .075". Grips, interchangeable thumbs, and plugged balls are allowed.

Oil Patterns
Because we use balls with reduced flare and oil absorption, we have been able to significantly reduce the amount of oil put on each lane. The SKILL oil patterns use less then 8 mL of oil. By comparison, the 2017 USBC Masters pattern used over 31 mL of oil.

Less oil results in less transition, which reduces the importance of "who you follow" and increases the importance each bowler's execution.

Since 2003, the Teen Masters has used patterns of different lengths to encourage participants to play different parts of the lanes. For 2018, we will utilize a total of three patterns:
  • SKILL37 - a 37' pattern using 7.88 mL of oil.
  • SKILL42 - a 42' pattern using approximately 8 mL of oil
  • SKILL32 - a 30' pattern using approximately 8 mL of oil

Skill37 will be used in our standard Qualifying Tournaments and in most TM Experience programs. Skill42 and Skill37 will be used in the 2018 Championships and in more advanced TM Experience programs.

Download the Skill 37 pattern here.

Teen Masters Skill Series from the experts at the Kegel Training Center

There is no charge for a bowling center to offer the Teen Masters Experience to its bowlers.

For more information on the Teen Masters Experience and to become an Official TME center click here.